What is the Content Formula?

The Content Formula

Marketing is constantly evolving, which means marketers are always being challenged to show real business results. The only constant is the need for marketers to prove ROI. But what is the best way to measure the ROI of content marketing?

According to eConsultancy, unused and wasted content costs B2B marketers alone a whopping $50 billion USD a year.

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What is causing this? Too often, the content that marketers create is ignored, or never used because it’s created by the business, for the business, and simply doesn’t meet customer needs.

In order to answer the big question of content marketing ROI, I co-authored a book to help any type of company, of any size, to answer the question: what is the ROI of content marketing for MY business. We called it, The Content Formula.

The book draws on my experience building the business case and measuring real business results as VP of Content Marketing at SAP, as well as countless workshops facilitated by my co-author and I with dozens of brands from all over the world.

The Content Formula is divided into three parts:

  1. How to build the business case for content marketing
  2. How to find the budget to establish a new content marketing program, and
  3. How to measure content marketing success in business terms.

Content marketing has become table stakes for businesses today, and as it matures as a discipline, so too must its measurement. Senior marketing leaders are looking to content marketing to attract new customers versus trying to buy their attention through interruptive marketing strategies.

This shift, however, requires a change in corporate culture, organization structure, go-to-market process, and effective and accurate performance measurement.

With the formulas we’ve created, we’ve established a way for marketers to prove the exact return on investment they get from content marketing, highlighting its usefulness in any marketer’s toolbox.

I hope you’ll join me at Epic Content Marketing in Oslo, Norway, May 19-20 to learn more about how you can develop your own Content Formula.

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